Monday, March 18, 2013

Global Witness on Sarawak

I rarely get this excited about investigative journalism pieces but this one hits all the right chords. I've long thought dubious the wealth of the Chief Minister of Sarawak. In a state filled with rural communities, he has amassed wealth far exceeding the growth in income among his people. I've mentioned before how his corruption is causing severe deforestation in Sarawak. But today, an expose by a UK based environmental organization, Global Witness, has been released giving more tangible suggestions affirming what many have long thought to be true, the leaders of Sarawak are hiving profits from state land deals to personal bank accounts. They keep their money in Singapore which reveals that the rich little island not so squeaky clean. Sure, this is a story that has yet to be proven true, and it will be unfortunate if these confessions turn out to be empty and meaningless, but if any piece of this is true and a storm starts to brew, it may mean good things for the state. If we've been right all along about the dirty leaders of Sarawak, then today is a good day for the country.

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